We can meet close to your home or in the gym. I am flexible and can adjust to your specifications. Office hours between 11 AM and 8PM, mornings on request.

Online consultations

by email or Facebook


  • Free Introductory consultation
  • Diet analysis
  • Personal consultations
  • Email or online consultations
  • Full diet plan (4 consultations, analysis, new diet plan)


  • body shaping – personal training
  • diet planning in weight reduction
  • building muscle and demonstrations of the exercises
  • improving your general fitness
  • nutritionist services
  • addressing the issues of backaches and other health problems related to wrong body posture
  • rehabilitation exercises following injuries
  • online fitness coaching
  • harmonizing diet plans and customized training plans
  • are you a beginner and in need of advice on how to work out without getting injured?

In a series of personalized training sessions I’ll teach you how to perform all exercises correctly.

The final output will be a customized training plan in paper version to refer to in future.

It will eventually allow you to work out on your own without any worries.


  • 15 years of active fitness training
  • 5 years of professional fitness coaching

Martin Schuppler

MS trading elite s.r.o.
IČ 292 747 96
tel. 775 103 321

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